Similar to the Family and School Support Team, the Pinellas Support Team Program (PST) is a family driven, strength-based program that provides educational, supportive and preventative services. The PST program uses a collaborative effort to support children and their families residing in Pinellas County.  Our strength-based planning approach involves sharing responsibility among the family, school, community service providers and the family’s existing support systems. Families are afforded provision of services in the neighborhood setting of their choice, including in-home services. Spanish speaking staff is available. 

Strength-based planning recognizes, combines, and uses the strengths of the family, school system, community services, and existing family supports to achieve goals established by the family. This is achieved by developing a comprehensive plan, which is developed, implemented, and reviewed in order to support the family and work as a collective force to reduce or eliminate barriers faced by the child and family.

Families eligible for program services include the following:

  • Families living in Pinellas County and having a child living in the home under the age of 18.
  • Parent/guardian agrees to participate in counseling or behavior management services.
  • Children at risk and need for counseling and/or behavioral support.
  • Children at risk of more restrictive academic placement.
  • Children struggling academically and demonstrating a decline in performance or not working to potential.
  • Families who need more intensive services.
  • Children experiencing behavioral problems at home and/or school.
  • Families/individuals who do not have insurance for mental health services or who request not to utilize private insurance.

With funding from the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas Count, The Children's Services Council of Pinellas County and the Pinellas County School District, we collaborate with six elementary schools in Pinellas County.

Our Pinellas Support Team provides counseling, behavior management, and tutoring services to individuals in Pinellas County.  This program is part of a collaborative through Central Florida Behavioral Health Network and is funded by the Juvenile Welfare Board, The Children's Services Council of Pinellas County.

For referral information about this program, please call (727) 785-2762.


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